Sunday, April 11, 2010

Little River Canyon

The wife is on Spring Break this week, so we took a day for some outdoor fun.  We went down to Fort Payne, Alabama, to check out the Little River canyon, at the southwestern edge of Lookout Mountain.  Had a great time - very beautiful place.  One of the great but little-known places of natural beauty around here.

Fort Payne, Alabama is a great town.  The central part has a lot of its original buildings from when it was a steel boom-town, and their spacing and street frontage is quite different from what is usually seen these days.  A paved road looked out of place - it was designed for horses and wagons, and a black-topped road with a bright yellow stripe seemed like an anachronism.  We had a late lunch at the Main Street Deli.  Very good sandwiches and service, with a stage for live bands that perform there regularly.  For a town of 13,000, Fort Payne has a very vibrant live music scene.  A place I'll want to get back to some day.

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