Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Sports Roundup

Although I have lived in Tennessee for nearly 25 years, I was raised in Michigan and still retain my childhood professional sports allegiances with Detroit.  On that note:

The Lions:  Cliff Avril says, “Ndamukong Suh looks like a beast.”  After the emergence of Matt Stafford last year followed by the drafting of Suh this year, being a Lions fan may be something other than depressing for the next few years.  Given that it's the Lions, though, "not depressing" will probably mean as many as four wins a year.  Whoopee!

The Red Wings:  Very exciting Game 7 last night against the Coyotes.  They really meant business and tore up the second period something fierce.  Here's to more Stanley Cup success in the near future.  Detroit needs something to cheer them up, and the Red Wings can do that very nicely this year.

The Tigers:  Started out 6-1, are now 11-10.  Sigh.  Looks like a long summer of mediocrity.  I don't see them in the post-season.

The Pistons:  I haven't followed pro basketball in 35 years, so I have no idea what they're up to.

And as I am an alumnus of the University of Michigan, I have a deep abiding love for them, as well:  Denard Robinson is coming on fast at quarterback.  Tate's going to have his hands full keeping the starting spot.  Everything I'm seeing so far looks like a vast improvement from last year, so if the defense is good enough, Rodriguez will keep his job.  That's good, as I like the guy and think he's a great coach.  Sometimes things fall apart despite talent and good intentions, though, so I hope things are on an upslope from here.

That's enough for now.

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