Friday, April 16, 2010

Who'd A Thunk It?

I really don't intend to focus on the Tennessee state government all the time, but the hits just keep coming:
Bredesen defends attorney general
NASHVILLE — Gov. Phil Bredesen on Thursday defended State Attorney General Bob Cooper, saying he thinks Mr. Cooper “made the right call” in deciding that state legislation seeking to overturn the federal health care reform law is unconstitutional.
The Tennessee Health Freedom Act also sought to compel Mr. Cooper to file suit in federal court.
“I don’t think we ever ought to be in a position where the Legislature or the governor is telling the attorney general what their position ought to be on these things,” Gov. Bredesen told reporters. “Bob is a very competent lawyer. He has looked at it and come to the conclusion it is not a winnable case.”
Mr. Cooper said in a recent legal opinion that the U.S. Constitution’s “supremacy clause” trumps the states’ rights under the 10th Amendment.
Gov. Bredesen, a Democrat, also said the issue is “being politicized across the country, and I think he (Mr. Cooper) made the right call.”
Every now and then the grown-ups have to step in and take the toys away from the kids so they don't hurt anybody.  The Tennessee Republican party's stolid defiance of reality is truly impressive, but is rapidly getting old.

We pay these guys to run the state and enact laws that affect us all.  It would be nice if they showed some comprehension of how American government actually works.  I'm tired of arguing grade-school level civics with supposedly educated adults.

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