Friday, April 30, 2010

The TAMI Show

Just saw this last night - "The Greatest Concert Video No One Ever Saw."

Filmed in 1964, the ownership of the video rights apparently bounced around for decades without anyone exercising them.  It's just come out on DVD this year, and holy cow, what a show.  A must see for anyone who remembers or is even curious about the music of the time.  James Brown, particularly, really tears the place up.

Fun bits of trivia:  actress Terri Garr was a go-go dancer in the show.  She's wearing the shirt with a big target design on front and back.  I spotted her right away, but only as a face I recognized.  I had to do some research to figure out it was her.  Singer/choreographer Toni Basil ("Hey Mickey") was also a go-go dancer - I'm not sure which one was her, but the brunette in the bikini is a pretty close match.

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